We are very proud to announce that, as of today, “Emeren” is a European Union registered trademark (EUTM). This comes after a process that lasted almost four months and that was brilliantly initiated and conducted by Emeren’s COO Enrico Bocchi, who kept in constant communication with the EU Intellectual Property Office in Alicante, Spain.

The EU trademark system is a centralized registration system within the EU, whereby one registration provides protection in all member states. “To us this is more than it appears” says Enrico Bocchi: “This is the certification of Emeren’s true international scope and vision, the acknowledgement of our strong desire to contribute to a greener world wherever we can. The trademark comes in a difficult time for our continent and is a memorandum of the role that each of us has to play for a safer future”.

Emeren’s logo is a stylized combination of three visual elements: solar panels, rooftops and the sun. By evoking our core business, we want to emphasize our vision for a more sustainable world.

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