Emeren joins Elettricità Futura

Emeren Italia S.r.l.,Emeren’s Italian branch, joins more than 500 members of Elettricità Futura, the leading association operating in the Italian electricity sector and representing over 70% of Italy’s electricity produced and sold.

Elettricità Futura is part of the broader General Confederation of Italian Industry (Confindustria), the highest representative of Italian companies, comprising almost 90 associations and 150 thousand member firms across all the industries.

Elettricità Futura has several broad objectives such as contributing to the layout of policies in the energy sector, leading the way towards the energy transition and promoting sustainability culture.

As a partner, Emeren Italia S.r.l. will join the “Distributed Generation and Energy Efficiency” Technical Working Group, contributing with its team’s considerable knowledge and experience in energy efficiency, market regulations and technology innovation.

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