Emeren’s management team grows

Emeren Ltd. is happy to announce that a new figure has joined its management team: Emiliano Wass will be in charge of Brand Equity, Sustainability and Diversity. Emiliano has an academic background in anthropology and political sciences and, after a few years working on indigenous peoples’ issues in Latin America, has worked in the publishing industry, where he applied his experience in community building and educational training. “I am thrilled to start this new adventure and I cannot wait to bridge the gap between academic research, social practices and corporate practices when it comes to sustainability and diversity.”

Emeren’s COO, Enrico Bocchi, explains that “our fast growth has made us realise that we needed someone to lead us when it comes to sustainability’s best practices. In addition, we always felt that diversity is a true form of enrichment and we wanted to make sure that our company could benefit from the different perspectives of its current and prospective members and partners. The greener world we aspire to is also a world full of other colours and visions and Emiliano is the right person to help us get there”

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